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Noah's Ark

Tell the story of Noah's Ark with this simple fruit bowl activity, delightfully refreshing

on a hot summer afternoon. 

What you need ...

Food Products:

1  honeydew melon

2  cantaloupe slices *

2  pineapple slices*

2   watermelon slices*

1c blueberries

3 pretzel logs

Mini-chocolate chips

2  tablespoons of your favorite jam

Optional: peanut butter or Nutella

Note: To easily cut the animals, make sure the fruit slices are approximately equal in height to  the cookie cutters.  If you choose to use apple and pear slices for your animals, brush the slices with lemon juice to avoid browning.


1 sharp kitchen knife

sturdy metal fork

melon baller

small animal cookie cutters

Let's do it ...

Note: Steps requiring cutting with a sharp knife and the scoring the ark's sides are adult tasks.

Do ahead tip: Cut fruit slices and ark bowl ahead.  Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.

Making the ark

Wash and dry the melon

Cut off the top 1/3rd of the melon.  Remove this piece and set aside for the animals. 

Place melon cut side down.

Place fork tines into melon rind and score the melon as shown.

Cut a thin slice off the top, so the melon will sit flat when turned right side up.

On the melon's bottom edge, cut a rectangular opening 3" long x 1" high.  This opening will support

the pretzel logs used for the gang plank.

Turn the ark upright.  Scoop out the seeds. Scoop out melon balls and place in a mixing bowl.


Cut the animals.  Add mini-chocolate chips for the eyes; by pressing the pointed tip into the fruit.

Optional: Use a zip seal bag to pipe squiggly lines of peanut butter or Nutella for the horse's mane.

Add blueberries and the jam to the melon balls, and gently toss together. 

Place mixed fruit into the ark.  Add pretzel logs for the gang plank, as shown.   

Arrange pairs of animals in and around the ark.


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