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I’m excited to bring you Nosh Art Fun for the Jewish holidays.    Learn to create dazzling holiday decorations from candies, cookies, cakes, frostings and more.


No need to be an artist.  Young, old, baker, non-baker there’s a Nosh Art Fun project for you.  Create family holiday memories, a crushed candy menorah for your Hanukkah party, spicy shakshuka topped with eggs in a dreidel; or yummy  holiday gifts.  


Hebrew schoolteachers can find a treasure chest full of activities.   Some of my past Nosh Art activities from events at Hebrew Schools and The Jewish Museum of New York are here alongside many exciting new ones.  Jazz up your holidays with Nosh Art Fun.

Deborah Bonelli


Email me for information on workshops for teachers/parents, and custom designed edible art activities for the classroom or holiday fair.

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